An elegant solution to store menus and condiments on your tables.  This elegant design has a pleasing sweep to the shoulders, and enough space for your logo, or table numbers.   Our standard option is pine, with our range of stains, but we can also make this in hardwood, and with wax, paint or lacquer finishes, if you need that. 


This item can be personalised. 


Prior to placing your order, please email us on with the artwork and text to be engraved on your product, and details of the item(s) you are interested in.  We will verify that the graphics are appropriate for our engraving process, and everything will fit tidily onto the items you have chosen, before you hand over any money. 

Bradford Wooden Condiment Holder

  • Height Back - 110mm

    Height Front  - 63mm

    Width - 285mm

    Depth - 130mm


    Slot Back - 10mm

    Slot Front - 80mm